PEARL – A Universal Kindergarten Screener for Dyslexia


The PEARL is a Kindergarten Dyslexia Screener that accurately identifies future decoding and comprehension difficulty in minutes. The PEARL assesses critical skills within the decoding and language domains and is designed to be a universal screener for all incoming kindergarten students.

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The PEARL is a dyslexia screener that accurately identify future decoding and comprehension difficulty in minutes!

What is included in the PEARL Screener:

  • PEARL Screener Examiner’s Manual
  • PEARL Screener Stimulus Book (User Options: 1 Stimulus book/1 User, 3 Stimulus Books/3 Users, 5 Stimulus Books/5 Users) 
  • PEARL Screener Protocols (25 included) Additional protocols available to purchase 
  • PEARL Carrying Bag

Highlights of the PEARL Screener

  • Only takes 5-15 minutes to administer (in majority of cases)
  • Accurately predicts future decoding and comprehension difficulty with 80% (or higher) sensitivity and specificity
  • Reduces cultural and linguistic bias with 80% (or higher) sensitivity and specificity
  • Informs present level of decoding and academically related language ability
  • The PEARL can be administered by anyone who can read and understand the test manual and has knowledge of standardized assessment procedures

An introduction to the PEARL

The Predictive Early Assessment of Reading and Language (PEARL) Screener employs an innovative assessment approach referred to as dynamic assessment. Through dynamic assessment, the PEARL measures the construct of modifiability (the ability to learn something new) in the domains of decoding and literate (academic) language production and comprehension. In a single testing session (often under 10 minutes), examiners assess gains from pretest to posttest as well as the student’s response to quality teaching. The effects of teaching on a student’s decoding and language can be observed and measured, and the results reveal how easy or difficult it will likely be for a student to learn those skills. As a result, an estimation of a student’s need for intervention can be made quickly, without needing to monitor response to teaching over months or years. Dynamic assessment has shown promise for excellent prediction. When early identification is possible, earlier intervention and prevention are also possible. LEARN MORE >

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Multiple User Options

1 User (1 Stimulus Book Included), 3 User (3 Stimulus Books Included), 5 User (5 Stimulus Books Included)

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